The Importance of Hydration

As humans we are made up of 65% water. It is only logical that we need to have a daily intake of water too. This recommended intake is around 3 litres or 11 cups for men and around 2 litres or 9 cups for woman. Woman have a lower percentage of water than men which means they need to consume less water. The vast majority of us in this modern world consume a fair amount of coffee and sugary carbonated drinks such as cocacola which is not considered good hydration. The body does not absorb the water which these liquids contain and thus does not help with keeping us properly hydrated. The best way to keep hydrated is to be drinking water in it's purest form, not with juices or alcoholic drinks.

We are 65% Water, our greatest intake needs to water!!

We often wonder how the body uses all the water we consume and what is the benefit of keeping properly hydrated. Water is used in keeping our joints lubricated and moving smoothly. Water is used in the making of saliva and mucus and our blood is 85% water so it is also used to transport oxygen throughout the body. Water improves skin health which intern improves in overall beauty, a good healthy skin shines with life and in turn one not only looks more beautiful but one feels more beautiful too.

There is fluid around the brain and spinal chord as well as other sensitive tissues which is all made up of water. When we are hot and we sweat, this sweat is water stored between skin layers which is excreted when the body temperature is too high. Our digestive system needs water to work efficiently and effectively. Water is a vital part of flushing body waste through sweating and bathroom visits. If there is not enough water in the body our blood can thicken leading to an increase in blood pressure. When the body is properly hydrated we can breath easy as there is no risk of losing water through our breathing. When dehydrated the airways will become restricted to minimise water loss. Minerals and nutrients travel around the body in water so sufficient water will make these far more accessible.

Insufficient water and hydration can lead to kidney damage and kidney stones and we definitely don't want kidney stones. Sufficient hydration is known to improve performance in both sport and exercise. Consuming lots of water can help with weight loss through not drinking sugary drinks and consuming before meals making us feel full so as to consume less food at meal times. We are also known to have a greater chance of not having a bad hangover after a big night if we have been consuming a decent amount of water and been staying properly hydrated.

So as you can see there are many great reasons as to why we need to stay properly hydrated through drinking lots of pure water on a daily basis. So please keep hydrated and please make sure your children are drinking lots of water too.

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