How much Sugar is in your DIET??

So why is sugar so bad for us?? What are the professionals and experts saying about sugar??

We have a hormone in our brain called LEPTIN. This hormone controls the need to eat preventing us from over eating. Sugar contains fructose and fructose can cause LEPTIN Resistance in the body resulting in over eating and obesity. We simply cannot get enough and just want more and more until we are the size of a house.

There is a type fat called TRYGLYCERIDES which can develop in the body from too much sugar. These fats enter into the blood stream and cause plaques in blood vessels which are blood clots. These blood clots can enter into the brain and the heart causing a stroke or heart attack.

If we are eating too much sugar we can make ourselves look very old wrinkly and this is why: Excess sugar binds to collagen and elastin in the skin, damaging them and in turn our skin becomes saggy and wrinkled making us look old and worn out. You cut out your sugar consumption and you will look younger and far more youthful.

There is something which the body creates naturally whenever the body is damaged in any way. This is inflammation. Inflammation is designed to protect the damaged area by swelling up and developing a cushion around the affected area. Now excess sugar can create additional inflammation in the body causing our arteries to become stiff and lose their elasticity which can cause blood clots and high blood pressure resulting in potential heart disease.

Another interesting fact about sugar is that it stimulates the same areas of the brain as cocaine and heroine. Sugar casues a dopamine release in the brain making us feel good and it also stimulates our opioid senses like Heroine and Morphine. As you know both Heroine and Morphine can be very addictive due to their opioid content. Sugar has the same effect and more most of us has become addictive. Making quitting sugar very difficult. There is also links to people struggling with depression to having a high sugar intake, it was discovered that depression was triggered because of the high sugar intake rather than the high sugar intake being triggered because of the depression. Sugar has the ability to really mess with our minds so think twice before that next donut.

I have put together a list of Food with a high sugar content:

  1. Breakfast Cereal
  2. Low Fat Yogurt
  3. Frozen Pizza
  4. Sugar Free Snacks
  5. Cookies and Biscuits
  6. Ready - to - eat Soups
  7. Dried and Canned Fruits
  8. Granola Bar
  9. Bread
  10. Cake, Pastries and donuts
  11. Bagels and Churros
  12. Tomato Sauce (Ketchup)
  13. BBQ Sauce
  14. Salad Dressing
  15. Bottled Spaghetti Sauce
  16. Vitamin Water
  17. Sports Drinks
  18. Flavored Green Tea and Coffee
  19. Iced Tea
  20. Packaged fruit juice and Soda

So as you can see there is sugar in almost everything we buy. Especially in all the good things like condiments and drinks. We really need to become far more wise to which foods have sugar and try to limit our sugar intake massively. The average fit and healthy active person should consume no more than seven teaspoons of sugar every day. How many of us have 2 or even 3 sugars in our tea or coffee. Now you can see how quickly we can get to seven before we have actually eaten anything.

So I urge you today to become more sugar wise. Our body is a temple and its the only one we got. Start to take real good care of your temple so it will be able to serve you as it is supposed to. Check the back of every packet of processed food you may consider buying before you do. You will be surprised as to how many foods have sugar in them.

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