Chlorinated tap water

Chlorine is used in municipal water to purify the water. It kills micro organisms and all waterborne pathogens. The thing is chlorine is not the only solution for purifying water. There are other less harmful ways of treating water. Chlorine is chosen as it is the most cost effective and has been used since the early 1900's so it is well proven to be effective.

The problem is using chlorine is problematic to our health and longevity of life. Drinking chlorinated water is the same as drinking water mixed with bleach. It is technically poison!

Below I have listed a few health issues which can be caused by drinking chlorinated water:

  • Increased risk in cancer
  • Can cause Asthma
  • Can cause heart problems
  • Internal cell damage
  • Skin Eczema

Interesting fact: You will absorb a far greater percentage of chlorine through your skin via showers or baths than through drinking.

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