The best water filters for the best prices delivered right to your door.  Everyone should have the ability to access safe and great tasting drinking water.

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Water filters come in all shapes and sizes. While we can supply any water filter to suit any application, we have selected 1 filter option to suit all the homes in South Africa that are connected to city water. No confusing options or spending money on features you do not need.

Counter Top Water Filter

  • Requires no tools
  • Fits to any standard mixer tap
  • Only change the cartridge every 18 months
  • Portable, take it with you when you travel
  • Bacteriostatic
  • 18 Month Life span

Why use a water filter?


The City treats drinking water by adding chemicals such as chlorine. Chlorine and it's by products are proven to impact negatively on one's health


Chemically treated water influences the taste of your cooking and anything you mix it with. Why spoil great coffee or whiskey with poor water?

Poor Water Quality

The water infrastructure in SA is decaying daily. Overloaded treatment plants and a shortage of water mean water quality is no longer consistent.


Chlorine is likely to trigger or even cause skin and respiratory allergies. Asthma and Eczema sufferers are particularly sensitive 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a full 30 days to test our product. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the service you receive, just ask and we will gladly give you a full refund on your purchase price. Give it a try, the risk is on us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be certain the filter will fit my plumbing?

Will the filter work with bore hole or rain water?

Why do I see filters being sold elsewhere super cheap?

What if I want to return the filter after delivery?

What if a part breaks or is faulty?

Can I get an onsite consultation before I purchase?

Do you have diff cartridges for diff water types?

I want to filter all the water in my home?

How will I know when my cartridge needs replacing?

How do I get my undercounter filter installed?

What type of warrantee do you offer?

What Our Customer Are Saying:

 Angela Fenn

Angela's Backyard Farming 



My Micro Greens require the purest water. Alex from Buywaterfiltersonline gave me great advice and within days the right filter arrived at my door. My plumber took 20min to install it and my micro greens are growing fantastically well. 10 of 10 for service and efficiency. 

 Cheryl Bernstein 

Principal Dafna pre Primary


We needed 5 under counter water filters to provide safe drinking water for each class room. Buywaterfitersonline gave us the best balance of price and quality. Their automated reminder system is great as we can relax knowing that we will be reminded when to change filters.

Do you really want to trust the city with something as important as the safety and quality of your drinking water?

The city does the best job it can with the resources it has available. But politics and government inefficiencies means our water treatment and supply systems are not getting the attention they need.

Take control and make sure your families health is not being compromised when it comes to their drinking water.